Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm Back With Some Random Ramblings...

Hi!!! OMG, I knew it had been quite a while singe I have posted anything, I just didn't realize it had been over a year! 2 years and a half??? * big sigh* Rhonda was quiet during a lot of that time, some by design and some because she had to be. There are times when Rhonda is quiet, almost dormant, not wanting to express. Content with wearing panties occasionally and maybe slipping on a sports bra. I am able to keep a very few panties concealed, along with a sports bra and a black cammi top. The rest of my wardrobe stays safe in my mini storage. I have mentioned the off site storage before, a girls best friend if she's not 'out' to her family! It's also very handy when the 'urge to purge' rears it's ugly head as it does for so many of us. I got the mini storage idea from reading another closeted CDer's posts. It was one of those D'oh moments!!! I have purged many cute things before, clothes I have not been able to replace as fashion does move on... It's easier for Rhonda to be active in the late fall-winter-early spring as the weather and temperature call for layers of clothing, much easier to conceal pantyhose and sports bras that the usual summer attire of shorts and tank tops, LOL. More time spent inside too so time for skirts and blouses, bras and breast forms, wigs and make-up (which reminds me Rhonda needs a better quality wig!!! Or two.. Three?). Last winter I was involve in fix-up and repair of the MIL's house so she could rent it out so no time for Rhonda :-(; wifey was home sick a lot this spring so no time for Rhonda; and this summer has been BUSY with camping trips, company and volunteer obligations soooooooooo, you guessed it, no time for Rhonda! Am I whining? It sounds a little whiny to me. Oh well.... I may have mentioned in the past that I do get to travel out of town a half dozen or so times a year, usually involving overnight stays. Rhonda is able to come along on most of these trips and have a good time! I have a small overnight bag I bring. Rhonda, on the other hand has two and sometimes three bags!!! Wonder what the hotel people think???? ;-) Sounds of life from the rest of the house so gots to go. More later I PROMISE!!! p.s. I did find the cutest red heels a few months ago!!! So excited, I've been looking for some red ones for quite a while and they were on sale!!!

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