Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Morning

So, where were we? Oh yes, all the clothes and other accoutrements Rhonda brings on our road trips. It's not been all work and no play for poor Rhonda, no indeed. There have been the previously mentioned trips out of town for business. Hotel rooms are comfy, cosy little islands of privacy and a certain anonymity just right for girl time and sessions with my fave phone Mistress. So, Rhonda has to bring along a variety of things from professional office to sexy to slutty attire to dress as the mood strikes. Or, to dress for work, then change into night out clothes. Also in the fun dept., Rhonda made a connection with a remarkable, wonderful young woman, Miss Bubbles, through a short lived local munch. We had a great giggly, girly bra fitting (something Rhonda desperately needed!!!) fashion and make-up tip day before Miss Bubbles moved out of the area. Anyway, sun's rising, birds are singing and the days are getting shorter, cycling into fall and I want to get dressed. I want to feel the constriction of the bra band and the weight and heft of breasts, the smoothness of panty hose, the restriction and freedom of a skirt, the strange awkwardness of buttoning a blouse the opposite way of a shirt and getting used to walking in heels again. Rhonda's not been able to express much for a while and it could be a few more days before she's able to but that's OK. I have a court appearance in a couple days so I'm thinking panties for sure, and how about slipping on some panty hose under my suit? It's too hot for panty hose, but they will feel oh so delicious and who's to know except us girls??? ;-)

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