Monday, July 29, 2013

To Re-name Or Not To Re-name, That Is The Question....

I have been giving some thought to re-naming this blog. I wasn't sure what to call it when I created it, and, at the time, was thinking more of sissification, being a sissy and blogging those thoughts, feelings and experiences.
However, dressing seems to be more about feminization, allowing my feminine side/energy to come forward and express, clicking in to that space of feeling, dressing and acting feminine; to really let Rhonda come to the fore. For me anyway...
So, I'll likely re-name this blog 'Rhonda's Blog' at some point in the not too distant future....
But not just yet  ;-)

Ordered Some New Boobs.....

It started with a garter belt and stockings. Got those.

OK, need some panties and mebbe some panty hose. More shopping. Got that.
Now, how about a skirt? Shopping. Back with a couple cute short skirts.
Bra? How cool would a bra be??? Better go get one. One bra seems to always feel like another, so couple more bras.....
Got bras, need boobs to go in them. Made my first boobs from old pantyhose and rice. Pretty cool!!!
Whazzat? I can buy boobs on line??!!!??!?? I think I detailed my adventures in on line boobiage in an earlier post. If not I'll post it later...
OK got boobs. (yay) Need the bras to hold them on though. Can't shave my chest to glue them on doncha know..
So, rolling along, singing a song, happy as if I had good sense when I came a cross a post showing full chest breast forms with shoulder and back straps. No bra needed to wear these puppies!!! I contacted the person and got the link on Amazon!!! Here's the link if you are interested.
So, they should be here in a couple days, so stay tuned for further develpoments....

Friday, July 26, 2013

Some Pictures

Rhonda recently got a copy of Adobe Lightroom and has been playing around with it, the pic on the last post is one. So here are a few more with some comments for you to enjoy. These are all selfies. I think a real photo shoot would be a hoot!!! Someday...

I have always thought a white bra under a white shirt is tres sexy, no? I really like the curved line of the straps across the back too.

A black and white version.

 I just love getting a peek of a bra through shirt button gaps!!! Don't you?

And if that button were to come undone.... Accidentally of course!!! *bat, bat, bat*

In black and white.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Whole Day To Myself

A whole day all to myself!!! Yay!!!! Have not had one of these in a loooooooooooooooong time!!! Court took most of the day yesterday. It was hot and humid here and even thought the courthouse is air conditioned, it was still warm in the panty hose. And I got the delicious feel of peeling off the panty hose after a long hot day. A girl needs to cherish such moments, yes? The whole shirt, tie, jacket thing gave me an idea so I stopped by the mini storage and picked up my small bag that has a couple bras, the tits, make-up and some other small things. Today I put yesterday's thought into action by dressing as I did yesterday, complete with Dockers, shirt and tie, except today with boobs and bra. Rhonda's been Ms. Corporate this morning!!! We did take some pics, some while wearing one of my favorite white bras by Casique and some in a black bra. The tie is red and black to match the black bra. I do think a girls tie should coordinate with her bra if at all possible, don't you??? *bat, bat, bat* I'll post some of the pics as soon as I process them. I'll have to change into different clothes in a bit to do some work around the house and may have to ditch the bra to go to town this afternoon. Meanwhile I am going to shamelessly revel in the feeling of these clothes on my body!!! Later that same day,... (no, I didn't want to do a whole new post).... So far no trip to town, woot, woot, woot. Going to give this picture posting thing a try.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes Mistress...

I was going to talk some about Mistresses in the last post (actually post before last now) but the topic felt like it needed or wanted its own post. I have a wonderful phone Mistress with whom I have sessioned for over 4 years now. We have developed a close relationship over time and IM each other often just to chat. She has helped Rhonda grow and express more fully. Remind my to tell you about the time she had me searching adult bookstores for sissy porn. I was on a road trip and...but that's another post another time!
There is another very dear phone Mistress, a wonderful woman I can tell just anything too. Rhonda's only sessioned with her a couple times. Most of our sessions consist of her asking questions about my sexual and cross dressing experiences from my earliest times. We literally talk about everything!!! Alas, she's severely curtailed her PSO business and is not available most of the time. Phone sessions are fun, interesting and exciting, especially when a deep relationship has developed over time, but lack the physical presence and contact in person sessions have. I am in correspondence with a Mistress and hope to be granted an appointment. I will keep you informed!!!!

Some shopping and other things...

Slipped into some Apostrophe plain pink panties this morning to go to the weekly manly man coffee klatch. Ever notice that girls 'slip into' and guys 'put on' clothing? But I digress... After coffee went shopping for pantyhose to wear to court tomorrow. They were on sale (Woot, woot) so got 3 pair, nude, suntan and black. Then shopped the sale at K-Mart. They have a good selection in my size now, not always the case. Didn't buy anything today, but there's tomorrow! Stopped by Penny's but my favorite clerk wasn't at work so just have to go back. I do need to do some laundry, Wednesday looks like laundry day so up to the mini storage early!!!! And speaking of road trips, I am now car pooling to some meetings so have to figure out how to get Rhonda's gear into the single overnight bag so as to not raise suspicions ;-). It can be done, we just have to be more organized. TTFN Kisses

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Morning

So, where were we? Oh yes, all the clothes and other accoutrements Rhonda brings on our road trips. It's not been all work and no play for poor Rhonda, no indeed. There have been the previously mentioned trips out of town for business. Hotel rooms are comfy, cosy little islands of privacy and a certain anonymity just right for girl time and sessions with my fave phone Mistress. So, Rhonda has to bring along a variety of things from professional office to sexy to slutty attire to dress as the mood strikes. Or, to dress for work, then change into night out clothes. Also in the fun dept., Rhonda made a connection with a remarkable, wonderful young woman, Miss Bubbles, through a short lived local munch. We had a great giggly, girly bra fitting (something Rhonda desperately needed!!!) fashion and make-up tip day before Miss Bubbles moved out of the area. Anyway, sun's rising, birds are singing and the days are getting shorter, cycling into fall and I want to get dressed. I want to feel the constriction of the bra band and the weight and heft of breasts, the smoothness of panty hose, the restriction and freedom of a skirt, the strange awkwardness of buttoning a blouse the opposite way of a shirt and getting used to walking in heels again. Rhonda's not been able to express much for a while and it could be a few more days before she's able to but that's OK. I have a court appearance in a couple days so I'm thinking panties for sure, and how about slipping on some panty hose under my suit? It's too hot for panty hose, but they will feel oh so delicious and who's to know except us girls??? ;-)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm Back With Some Random Ramblings...

Hi!!! OMG, I knew it had been quite a while singe I have posted anything, I just didn't realize it had been over a year! 2 years and a half??? * big sigh* Rhonda was quiet during a lot of that time, some by design and some because she had to be. There are times when Rhonda is quiet, almost dormant, not wanting to express. Content with wearing panties occasionally and maybe slipping on a sports bra. I am able to keep a very few panties concealed, along with a sports bra and a black cammi top. The rest of my wardrobe stays safe in my mini storage. I have mentioned the off site storage before, a girls best friend if she's not 'out' to her family! It's also very handy when the 'urge to purge' rears it's ugly head as it does for so many of us. I got the mini storage idea from reading another closeted CDer's posts. It was one of those D'oh moments!!! I have purged many cute things before, clothes I have not been able to replace as fashion does move on... It's easier for Rhonda to be active in the late fall-winter-early spring as the weather and temperature call for layers of clothing, much easier to conceal pantyhose and sports bras that the usual summer attire of shorts and tank tops, LOL. More time spent inside too so time for skirts and blouses, bras and breast forms, wigs and make-up (which reminds me Rhonda needs a better quality wig!!! Or two.. Three?). Last winter I was involve in fix-up and repair of the MIL's house so she could rent it out so no time for Rhonda :-(; wifey was home sick a lot this spring so no time for Rhonda; and this summer has been BUSY with camping trips, company and volunteer obligations soooooooooo, you guessed it, no time for Rhonda! Am I whining? It sounds a little whiny to me. Oh well.... I may have mentioned in the past that I do get to travel out of town a half dozen or so times a year, usually involving overnight stays. Rhonda is able to come along on most of these trips and have a good time! I have a small overnight bag I bring. Rhonda, on the other hand has two and sometimes three bags!!! Wonder what the hotel people think???? ;-) Sounds of life from the rest of the house so gots to go. More later I PROMISE!!! p.s. I did find the cutest red heels a few months ago!!! So excited, I've been looking for some red ones for quite a while and they were on sale!!!