Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes Mistress...

I was going to talk some about Mistresses in the last post (actually post before last now) but the topic felt like it needed or wanted its own post. I have a wonderful phone Mistress with whom I have sessioned for over 4 years now. We have developed a close relationship over time and IM each other often just to chat. She has helped Rhonda grow and express more fully. Remind my to tell you about the time she had me searching adult bookstores for sissy porn. I was on a road trip and...but that's another post another time!
There is another very dear phone Mistress, a wonderful woman I can tell just anything too. Rhonda's only sessioned with her a couple times. Most of our sessions consist of her asking questions about my sexual and cross dressing experiences from my earliest times. We literally talk about everything!!! Alas, she's severely curtailed her PSO business and is not available most of the time. Phone sessions are fun, interesting and exciting, especially when a deep relationship has developed over time, but lack the physical presence and contact in person sessions have. I am in correspondence with a Mistress and hope to be granted an appointment. I will keep you informed!!!!

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