Thursday, October 21, 2010

New link added

Hi all,

Just added this great link for great prices on breast forms. I haven't ordered from them yet but plan to soon as the prices are good. I'll report back as soon as I get the order done!!!!…

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Fall has arrived here. Warm days, cool nights, first thunderstorm of the season last night with some rain. Went to a Celtic Festival over the weekend. Good music and good people. Didn't bother to correct the wife when she called the kilt a skirt. Several times.
Did have an acquaintance say 'nice skirt' to which I replied "It's a kilt. My skirts are cuter". The facial expression was priceless!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Now were were we...

...before we were so rudely interrupted???

Sorry for the abrupt ending of my last post but the wife came home earlier than expected while we were chatting. If I haven't mentioned it before, she's unaware of Rhonda and the girlie part of my life.

Aaaanywayyyyy, what were we talking about? Oh yes, the Mistress session. I DID mention that it was looooooooooooong overdue did I not??? I thought so. You didn't know Rhonda has a Mistress???? Hmmm, I just haven't written about it I guess. Cat's out of the bag now!!!! Oh, and that's Mistress (with a capital 'M') not mistress. There is a definite distinction, one is NOT to be confused with the other. If you are not sure what the difference is, Google BDSM or FemDom or check out FetLife....but I digress.

Rhonda has a Mistress, a phone Mistress, as an in person Mistress is very problematic for me. I've been with her for some time now and enjoy the relationship. Mistress has encouraged dressing girlie, helps with shopping and wardrobe suggestions and make-up. She sends shopping and lifestyle links to me for my use. We enjoy chatting and IMing about girl things and life in general.

Is that all? No, silly. Mistress will have Rhonda dress slutty at times and in proper office wear others for our sessions. What else does Mistress tell Rhonda to do? Well, (blushing) that is a topic for another day IF I choose to tell!!! You are welcome to use your imagination.....(still blushing).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some stuff

Haven't written much this month as I have been busy with some family and house/yard stuff. Had to have some bug killed trees taken down. There seems to be a lot of that happening in Rhonda's corner of the world. a month or so of cold weather (something we haven't had around here for a while) would seriously slow the little buggers down!!!!

Even with all that's going on Rhonda's been around quite a bit lately. Yes dear, it was thrilling to be around the loggers wearing pink panties and a sports bra under my manly clothes... bat, bat, bat. I've even done some shopping!!!! Plenty of sales going on and with the Halloween stuff in the stores the last couple weeks (wazzup with that???) Rhonda's been a bit more open about shopping. "Why yes I AM getting my Halloween costume together, thank you..." Not sure if anyone is really fooled but I don't mind.

Took the new stuff and the DB to the off site storage, wow, Rhonda's getting quite the wardrobe!!! But can a girl really have too many clothes? What's that??? Oh, what did I buy this time? Some cute black shoes with 2' heels, black below the knee skirt and black wrap around top. There was a too cute print dress on sale that I just HAD to go back and get too.

I was even able to get in a long overdue session with Mistress.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the country..

I live on acreage away from town so I can go outside in my undies if I want!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the road again.

Yup. On the road again tomorrow for a 3 day business trip. Last one was fun since Rhonda was able to go along. Unpacked the bosses suitcase when we arrived, I mean, isn't that what a good secretary does when she gets to go along???? Slutted up a little with garter belt, black fishnets, black bra and black cami. Girl's gotta have some fun.... bat, bat, bat.

All business the next evening though, panty hose, slacks, golf shirt. Had work to do!!!

We'll see what happens this trip.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Rhonda's home!!!! Wife off to work, grab the DB from it's safe spot, sllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiide the panties on, then braaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! and cami top. Yes that's all I'm wearing and yes ...I don't care!!!! Bras, some girls can't wait to take 'em off, some can't wait to put 'em on!!

But I'm only home for the day. Of this evening (again) for work so it's headless chicken time trying to get everything DONE!!!

Car trip this time so I'll be able to take some clothes with me. You know which clothes, stop pretending you don't!!! ;-)

Gotta go!!! Kisses

Monday, August 23, 2010

Online FemDom Chat

Our heroine (me,silly) was able to participate in an online FemDom CHAT at Auburn Landry and Miss Simone of Chicago lead a discussion about cross dressing on their new webcast platform last night. It was very interesting to hear from FemDoms and ProDoms about their views and practices of crossdressing as well as from crossdressers, including me.

There were several viewpoints about forced crossdressing vs. voluntary, use of breast forms, fetish wear and going out (or being sent) out in public while dressed. Under dressing and purging were also discussed.

Some really like breast forms, others not so much 'cause they block access to the nipples. I'll let you figure out who fits into which category!!!! ;-)

Since I can't dress this worked as the next best thing. Home tomorrow then on the road again after a couple days. should be able to take some things on the next trip!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rhonda's a Travelin' (Wo)man

Yup. I'm out of town. Out of state actually doing my training gig. This job came up suddenly so I was not able to get to any of my girlie clothes before leaving for the airport. I have mentioned before that I store my girlie stuff off site???? So. No panties. Not even any PH to wear under my slacks. Talk about unprofessional!!!! What's a girl to do??? Oh yeah, no chance to do any shopping either!!! Sheeesh!!!!!!

Gotta try to be better prepared next trip.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I posted something similar on Fetlife in the group 'Part time crossdressers'. the post here is for those who aren't on Fetlife.

Been wearing the breast forms with work type clothing and doing work around the house and yard the past couple days, if you haven't guessed form previous posts. Mostly 'cause I want the experience, to see how they feel and how the bra moves when I do things like mow the lawn, hang pictures etc, you know, every day stuff, stuff that doesn't go well with skirts and heels.

Hmmmm, if I wore the 4"ers I could mow and aerate the lawn at the same time.....

But I digress. Balance is definitely different as is where I am in space when I'm wearing the breast forms. As I go about doing daily stuff I am bumping into stuff I didn't bump into before. It's interesting and a learning experience!!!

There is more to this being a girl than meets the eye!!!! The women reading this are now ROFLMAO and rightfully so I think.....


Hi there!!!

Got the titz strapped on this AM with a tank top and gym shorts 'cause there's a lot of work to do around here today. Fedex driver stealthed down the drive and got a bit of an eyeful before I ducked out of sight. A girls got to be somewhat coy, especially around strangers!!!!

Panties??? Didn't mention panties 'cause I'm not wearing any!!!! Is that too scandalous???? Nah???

Monday, August 16, 2010


Shouldn't we dressers have a theme song? How about "Puttin' On The Tits" to the tune of "Puttin' On The Ritz?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Later that same day....

Changed out of the tank top to a too cute lavender cami. Lot's of housework today!!!! Don't even start on the sore feet...

It's been a while....

So, some time has passed since I have posted here. Dear Rhonda has been laying low for a while but is beginning to come out lately. Not too sure about this housework in heels thing, but I do need to get used to wearing them again. LOL

Got to dress the other day for the first time this summer. Black bra, red lacy panties with black decoration, black thigh highs, red top and short black skirt and heels. Oh yes, had the Big Girls on, the ddouble DD ddelights, and sported the 4' CFMs for a while. Ms. Rhonda was lookin' fine!!!

Today it's blue panties and sheer nude PH, nude 'jiggle bra' (yes, that's what it's called) with the D's in, a kinda ratty light blue tank top and blue gym shorts, (I DID mention I am doing housework didn't I??? Thought so...) and 3" heels.

The clothes feel good. The bras are surprisingly comfortable, thought they would take some getting used to after the long layoff. The boobs are feeling good too. The jiggle bra allows things to move around and...well...jiggle more than a regular bra. It's interesting. I like it!!!

The heels, well THAT's another story!!!! LOL. I'll get used to them again...

Monday, April 12, 2010

April showers.......

....bring May flowers and a chance to dress as the weather has been rain and cold here.

Powder blue panties and nude pantyhose, black skirt, black bra and white blouse. And the 4" CFM heels ;-). Indoor day today. The clothes feel good. With control top PH I can tuck in and get a decent flat front look in this skirt. Too cool.

The wife remarked that the bathroom is looking nicer these days. Could it be 'cause I'm sitting down to pee??????? lol

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Been awhile......

Been a while since I have had a chance to dress, so not much to report. March is going out like a lion in our neck of the woods. Prime opportunity to dress you say? I thought so too, but family and other obligations have kept me out in public most of the day the past few days. Maybe Friday this week? So far it's looking good. I'll have to re-learn walking in heels!!! LOL

Of COURSE I've been wearing panties, silly. Besides, they're called 'Boy Shorts'...*giggles* I just have to change before the wifely unit gets home from work.

Life is good, all is as it should be.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Springtime, new week, new growth, time to garden, clean out the old to make way for the new. What in our lives is not serving us anymore? Are we caught up in meaningless repetitive cycles? Is it time to break out?

WTF does this have to do with crossdressing??? Nothing. Everything. I believe we are all curious about other genders, roles, experiences. Small children want to try everything before society teaches them what they are 'supposed' to do, want, like.

Why is it cute to play dress up at age three, but not cute at age 13 or 33 or 63?????

Maybe it is a control issue, if there are certain accepted 'norms' society will police itself, folks will "know their place". The world will not be as scary. Maybe. Maybe not.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Kitchen clean and dishes happily dishwashering. Bowing to the inevitable, jeans and t shirt time so I can go out and sort recycling.

What's that??? Oh, there's some boobage happening, isn't that what makes life interesting and exciting at times?????

Weekend Stuff......

Kinda tired and out of sorts this weekend. Out of town most of Friday and working, shopping out side most of Saturday, Weather's warm and spring like so neighbors are doing yard work also so not too girlie during the day unless the painted toenails count??? Thought so!!!

Did get to lounge around Friday evening, long green low cut lounge wear nightie with a gauzy thing over. What's that??? Of course sheer hose and the 4" heels..... Feeling oh so elegant don't cha know.. *giggles* Oh, and got to wear a short black nightie and panties to bed two nights in a row!!!!

Quick shower then threw on some PH and a slip. The PH have a serious run so I'm kinda punky lol. Gotta go get into some sweats and get busy; the kitchen's a DISASTER, I've put off sorting the recycleables way too long and the wife's due home this afternoon sometime......(bat, bat, bat)


Friday, March 19, 2010


Friday and home alone all weekend. Off to massage to get started right!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off to tinkle.....

Lease on the coffee NOT lasting as long today for some reason. Off to powder room, skirt up, panties and PH down, sit, do business, TP, stand, panties up and adjusted, PH up and adjusted, skirt down, adjusted and smoothed, repeat....repeat....repeat as needed........sheesh!!!

Beveloping real understanding of why women are cranky at time about mens' ability to stand and pee.......

Wasn't Gonna.....

Wasn't going to dress today as I planned to dash outside to work in the yard, however I was gently reminded that I should finish the taxes......whether I want to or not....

Soooooooooooo, off to dress. Black smooth cup bra with mauve floral accents, black panties, black pantyhose. The skirt is large gold flower pattern on black background below the knee pencil skirt and mauve scoop neck shell. Black Mary Janes with 3" heel.
Some Penelope's Red lipstick that goes well with my coloring. The shell is sleeveless so my bra strap wants to peek out at the shoulder, hmmmm.

I love short skirts and have a couple but I tend to wear the longer ones most of the time. Why you ask???? Well, the below the knee pencil skirts are more restrictive in that they remind me to take smaller steps, especially when walking up stairs, (the house is a split level so there are stairs between the front of the house and the bathroom) and when I sit down I can tuck the skirt to help me keep my knees modestly together!

Off to work now... :-((
(cue The Beatles 'Taxman')

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Housework doesn't end, but doesn't take long. Getting used to the 4" heels.
Nice to be dressed up, but will have to change to drab later......just to go to town and work aroud the outside of the house.


Note to self: wipe lipstick off the coffee mug before the wife comes home.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Q: How does a girl walk in 4 1/2" heels?

A: Carefully!!!!! lol

Ah, Tuesday.....

Housework to do; dishes, vacuum, sort through some old stuff. Then on to some computer work. But first, dress the part.

Naked, wig first then white sheer bra, wearing the 'big girls' today, weight of breasts and bra feels good. Blue lacy panties and sheer thigh highs; don the 3" heels and off to do make-up. Dark blue top and black below the knee skirt and I'm ready to go.

Good to be girlie today. Housework in heels is a challenge, but I'm just learning to get around in heels and when I get comfy with these, I can get higher heels.

Holy Hooters, Batman!!!!


Ordered some breast forms a few weeks ago. They were on close out sale so were a good price. I didn't pay too much attention to the size as I was unfamiliar with how sizing works. They are very nice but DDouble DD DDelicious even for a big girl like me. I call then "the big girls". *giggles*

I can tone down the effect with a larger band size bra. Armed with my new first hand knowledge, I bought a smaller set of breast forms, also on sale (!!!!) more in the C/D cup size for my frame. I call them "the regular girls" *giggles*

So, I can be bodaciously bountifully bustly, or not as I feel that day!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Soooo, no dressing at all this weekend as the wife was home, That's OK as I'm used to this situation. Girlie gear and clothing was reaching a critical mass so I got that all moved to off site storage not far from home.
Did manage to slip into some nice sky blue panties for today. Looking forward to a girlie day tomorrow, and a full girlie weekend (woo hoo!!!) if the wife goes out of town as planned.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Raining lightly here today so far. Butched out as I have to make trash runs. Black panties and black bra under t-shirt and jeans. I can take the 'girls' out and this bra lays flat against my chest, virtually undetectable under a heavy outer shirt, probably why I chose it today...*giggles*

Gots to go before the rain gets too heavy!!

Hugs and kisses


First posting!!!

I began by ( in secret) wearing my mother's panties and bras as an early teen. Seems to be very much a shared experience. I would stuff the bra for the experience of breasts and would tuck for the flat front look.

I've recently started dressing again and will use this blog as a journal to express my experiences and feelings.

Thanks for looking in.