Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Well, Rhonda has hurt someone's feelings. And it sucks. it really does. Rhonda has misstepped or misunderstood a relationship. Well, what's it all about Alfie?

Rhonda was looking at things from the point of view that, there are different relationships that fulfill different things. For instance, she would not go see a dermatologist for a broken leg, or call an electrician to fix a leaky pipe.  The other person involved sees things quite differently. And therefore  has hurt feelings. Whether Rhonda meant this to happen or not, this person is genuinely hurt and the relationship is damaged. Can we recover? Perhaps not, but if so, it will take quite some time.

I suppose that this is the point where  Rhonda, or other folks would go into a long diatribe attempting to justify her actions and make the other person at fault. I guess  too, that this is a point where some folks would take to various social media in an attempt to trash the other person. Well, that's not about to happen. This person has been hurt  through Rhonda's actions, or lack of action, and Rhonda's misunderstanding  of the nature of the relationship. What we have here, (to quote Cool Hand Luke) is failure to communicate.

Our Rhonda is  truly sorry that this happened and truly regrets hurting the other person..

I don't know if this could ever be put right. If not, it's truly Rhonda's  loss.

So, that's all folks. Be good to each other, we are all we have.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Adventures in Rhonda Land

Hidy ho there girls and boys, and boys who are girls, and boys who want to be girls, and girly girls, and manly men, and anyone else who has stopped by!

Well,  Rhonda's been off. But, enough about that! Rhonda's been mostly in hibernation for the wintertime, she just decided that she really didn't want to be out much after around the first of December.  I know that you are probably scratching your head thinking WTF???, as usually  Rhonda really looks forward to wintertime  because that's the time that she has to really come out and play. Well, that has been the pattern in the past. In wintertime the hours of daylight are shorter, and due to the weather patterns folks wear more clothes. That does make it easier for Rhonda  to wear cammies and bras underneath her guy clothes, and,, since she spends more time in the house in the winter time, it's much easier to get girly during that time..

We didn't have much winter out here in this little corner of the world, and  trust me, we would have gladly taken some of that East Coast snow off their hands this winter. As it is we are in the worst drought  since official records of such things have been kept.. I'm really not sure if that had anything to do with the Rhonda not being out and about, or if it was just that she needed some time for a little introspection. There was  a time, during this time, that Rhonda was wondering if maybe she had  accomplished what she came out to do and that maybe her time as Rhonda was over, that maybe it was time for her to recede into the background  and become a fond memory of her expression of the feminine. And yes, the thought of purging things and shutting down her mini-storage did cross her mind.  She took no action on these things,and once again the mini-storage  proved its value in that  her things were safe while she continued this introspection and came to whatever decision.

So what happened? Well, all it took was a trip to Crossdress For Less (Ross) with the DW, and a pass by all the cute bras on the bra rack to wake Rhonda right up!!! And, I think,  not a moment too soon!

So, what happened on Halloween? Well, Rhonda's meeting was canceled, and so the question of to go in drab or to go dressed was suddenly moot, so Rhonda decided to be bold and daring, it was after all  Halloween. So she very carefully did her makeup, and put on her wig and the dress that's in the pictures on her last post, and with heels, a trenchcoat, and a hat ventured out in the daylight. The pictures only show the top part of the dress underneath the colorful top portion it's black and extends to the knee. Nothing terribly daring at all! What was underneath the dress? Well, a cute black bra, black panties and sheer stockings with a Cuban heel, and a back seam held up by a black garter belt. The weather did cooperate, so it was cloudy and rainy giving Rhonda some cover, and if anyone gave her a second look she certainly didn't notice! Rhonda did however discover why she shouldn't drive wearing high heels! She did take bag with some sexier (sluttier?) clothes for when she reached the party.  ;-)

I think that's enough for now, too much and it's too much to read. What happened after Rhonda arrived at her party? Well, those details for later, but only if you wish them.

You may have noticed two new links on this blog. One for Vixon Countess and one for Mistress Chloe. Please do check them out.

Hugs and kisses