Monday, July 22, 2013

Some shopping and other things...

Slipped into some Apostrophe plain pink panties this morning to go to the weekly manly man coffee klatch. Ever notice that girls 'slip into' and guys 'put on' clothing? But I digress... After coffee went shopping for pantyhose to wear to court tomorrow. They were on sale (Woot, woot) so got 3 pair, nude, suntan and black. Then shopped the sale at K-Mart. They have a good selection in my size now, not always the case. Didn't buy anything today, but there's tomorrow! Stopped by Penny's but my favorite clerk wasn't at work so just have to go back. I do need to do some laundry, Wednesday looks like laundry day so up to the mini storage early!!!! And speaking of road trips, I am now car pooling to some meetings so have to figure out how to get Rhonda's gear into the single overnight bag so as to not raise suspicions ;-). It can be done, we just have to be more organized. TTFN Kisses

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