Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Whole Day To Myself

A whole day all to myself!!! Yay!!!! Have not had one of these in a loooooooooooooooong time!!! Court took most of the day yesterday. It was hot and humid here and even thought the courthouse is air conditioned, it was still warm in the panty hose. And I got the delicious feel of peeling off the panty hose after a long hot day. A girl needs to cherish such moments, yes? The whole shirt, tie, jacket thing gave me an idea so I stopped by the mini storage and picked up my small bag that has a couple bras, the tits, make-up and some other small things. Today I put yesterday's thought into action by dressing as I did yesterday, complete with Dockers, shirt and tie, except today with boobs and bra. Rhonda's been Ms. Corporate this morning!!! We did take some pics, some while wearing one of my favorite white bras by Casique and some in a black bra. The tie is red and black to match the black bra. I do think a girls tie should coordinate with her bra if at all possible, don't you??? *bat, bat, bat* I'll post some of the pics as soon as I process them. I'll have to change into different clothes in a bit to do some work around the house and may have to ditch the bra to go to town this afternoon. Meanwhile I am going to shamelessly revel in the feeling of these clothes on my body!!! Later that same day,... (no, I didn't want to do a whole new post).... So far no trip to town, woot, woot, woot. Going to give this picture posting thing a try.

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