Monday, August 23, 2010

Online FemDom Chat

Our heroine (me,silly) was able to participate in an online FemDom CHAT at Auburn Landry and Miss Simone of Chicago lead a discussion about cross dressing on their new webcast platform last night. It was very interesting to hear from FemDoms and ProDoms about their views and practices of crossdressing as well as from crossdressers, including me.

There were several viewpoints about forced crossdressing vs. voluntary, use of breast forms, fetish wear and going out (or being sent) out in public while dressed. Under dressing and purging were also discussed.

Some really like breast forms, others not so much 'cause they block access to the nipples. I'll let you figure out who fits into which category!!!! ;-)

Since I can't dress this worked as the next best thing. Home tomorrow then on the road again after a couple days. should be able to take some things on the next trip!!!!

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