Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some stuff

Haven't written much this month as I have been busy with some family and house/yard stuff. Had to have some bug killed trees taken down. There seems to be a lot of that happening in Rhonda's corner of the world. a month or so of cold weather (something we haven't had around here for a while) would seriously slow the little buggers down!!!!

Even with all that's going on Rhonda's been around quite a bit lately. Yes dear, it was thrilling to be around the loggers wearing pink panties and a sports bra under my manly clothes... bat, bat, bat. I've even done some shopping!!!! Plenty of sales going on and with the Halloween stuff in the stores the last couple weeks (wazzup with that???) Rhonda's been a bit more open about shopping. "Why yes I AM getting my Halloween costume together, thank you..." Not sure if anyone is really fooled but I don't mind.

Took the new stuff and the DB to the off site storage, wow, Rhonda's getting quite the wardrobe!!! But can a girl really have too many clothes? What's that??? Oh, what did I buy this time? Some cute black shoes with 2' heels, black below the knee skirt and black wrap around top. There was a too cute print dress on sale that I just HAD to go back and get too.

I was even able to get in a long overdue session with Mistress.

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