Friday, August 6, 2010

It's been a while....

So, some time has passed since I have posted here. Dear Rhonda has been laying low for a while but is beginning to come out lately. Not too sure about this housework in heels thing, but I do need to get used to wearing them again. LOL

Got to dress the other day for the first time this summer. Black bra, red lacy panties with black decoration, black thigh highs, red top and short black skirt and heels. Oh yes, had the Big Girls on, the ddouble DD ddelights, and sported the 4' CFMs for a while. Ms. Rhonda was lookin' fine!!!

Today it's blue panties and sheer nude PH, nude 'jiggle bra' (yes, that's what it's called) with the D's in, a kinda ratty light blue tank top and blue gym shorts, (I DID mention I am doing housework didn't I??? Thought so...) and 3" heels.

The clothes feel good. The bras are surprisingly comfortable, thought they would take some getting used to after the long layoff. The boobs are feeling good too. The jiggle bra allows things to move around and...well...jiggle more than a regular bra. It's interesting. I like it!!!

The heels, well THAT's another story!!!! LOL. I'll get used to them again...

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