Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I posted something similar on Fetlife in the group 'Part time crossdressers'. the post here is for those who aren't on Fetlife.

Been wearing the breast forms with work type clothing and doing work around the house and yard the past couple days, if you haven't guessed form previous posts. Mostly 'cause I want the experience, to see how they feel and how the bra moves when I do things like mow the lawn, hang pictures etc, you know, every day stuff, stuff that doesn't go well with skirts and heels.

Hmmmm, if I wore the 4"ers I could mow and aerate the lawn at the same time.....

But I digress. Balance is definitely different as is where I am in space when I'm wearing the breast forms. As I go about doing daily stuff I am bumping into stuff I didn't bump into before. It's interesting and a learning experience!!!

There is more to this being a girl than meets the eye!!!! The women reading this are now ROFLMAO and rightfully so I think.....

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