Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Stuff......

Kinda tired and out of sorts this weekend. Out of town most of Friday and working, shopping out side most of Saturday, Weather's warm and spring like so neighbors are doing yard work also so not too girlie during the day unless the painted toenails count??? Thought so!!!

Did get to lounge around Friday evening, long green low cut lounge wear nightie with a gauzy thing over. What's that??? Of course sheer hose and the 4" heels..... Feeling oh so elegant don't cha know.. *giggles* Oh, and got to wear a short black nightie and panties to bed two nights in a row!!!!

Quick shower then threw on some PH and a slip. The PH have a serious run so I'm kinda punky lol. Gotta go get into some sweats and get busy; the kitchen's a DISASTER, I've put off sorting the recycleables way too long and the wife's due home this afternoon sometime......(bat, bat, bat)


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