Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What To Wear???

And no, our girl's not ready for Halloween yet. I can see you rolling your eyes... There is a lot going on this Halloween for Rhonda. First a local get together during the day with the choice of coming drab (and changing there) or dressed. So what's the prob you say???

Well, it's during the day, daylight and all that. But it IS Halloween and plenty of folks will be in costume. Yep. There is that, and there's supposed to be rain which will provide more cover. However, I do have a meeting right before and dressing will not be appropriate. What to do??? I think the solution is to do a combo, panties and pantyhose, and maybe a cami under the guy clothes for the meeting, then take a minute to throw on a bra before the get together and finishing changing there. That should work...

Now, the age old dilemma, What To Wear? Not a real problem when Rhonda first started dressing, there was just one outfit. Now, well, there are many choices. And since Rhonda's planning an outing after dark also she'll need 2 outfits...

Can she pull it together in time???

Stay tuned....


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