Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rhonda, WTF???

A couple posts here and there followed by 4 months of radio silence, and suddenly ya can't shut the girl up!!! Isn't that always the way? Feast or famine...

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, Rhonda's in the Bay Area this week. There's not much happening, so it's a good time for our girl to relax and get some rest. And time to blog whatever random thought happens to skitter across her single cell at the moment...

I don't know if you've seen this yet,

but it is a pretty good article. At least there is conversation about things that haven't been seriously discussed before. I'm looking forward to the series. Even though the series is about a pre-op trans woman, I think it will deal with some issues we crossdressers deal with.

No, Rhonda still hasn't made it to Carla's for a makeup lesson yet. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday...

Hugs and kisses


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