Sunday, December 1, 2013

Too Many People In My Space!!!

Too many people in my space!!!!! Haven't had a bra on in two weeks. Am
I whining? Rhonda whining??? Yeh *big sigh*, whining for sure.

What's up? Weeeeeeeeeel, last week my contractor friend  was over,
all week, so we could rebuild the front stairs. Those projects are
always more challenging than they first look. They came out really
nice though.

This week was Grandpa duty all week. And more stair construction.
Step-son in the house for Thanksgiving day through Monday.

Yesterday my other step-son and his girlfriend flew in from
back east and will be here a week. This coming Friday I go back to
the Bay Area to drive my friend to a couple of treatments then fly to
Portlandia Sunday for a week long retreat. I'm
going to try my best to pack some panties and pantyhose and at least
one bra for the Oregon trip.

So, no time do dress, no time to play, no time to Skype, no time to blog...... Yep,
definitely whining!

Rhonda did have a chance to sneak out of the house en femme for a wonderful visit with a friend the day after Halloween and had great personal session with Ms. Lilithe Magdelene. I'll post more about these adventures later as I get the time . I had to wait until everyone went to bed just to get some time to make this post. Ok, ok....enough whining already

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

p.s. my daughter-in-law has nice tits...

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