Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Divine Ms. Lilithe Magdalene

After some fits and starts on my end, Rhonda was able to finally have a Skype session with Ms. Lilithe. It was a quite wonderful, yummy, scary great time!!! Ms. Lilithe is a dear Goddess, and was accepting of and quite taken with Rhonda. Rhonda is quite taken with Ms. Lilithe I can tell you! *bat, bat, bat; blush, blush, blush* Can it be that our Rhonda is crushing on Ms. Lilithe???? Hmmmmmmm???

The session was an easy Q&A, lets get to know one another, girl talk, show me how you do your make-up, (Rhonda showing M.s Lilithe) here are some tips, what kind of training do you want session. Rhonda was able to hang out in that space and sit with it for about an hour after the session before she had to change her clothes. Rhonda is very much looking forward to more sessions with Ms. Lilithe.

What was Rhonda wearing??? Rhonda was rather simply dressed in a pink sleeveless shell top, black to the knee pencil skirt, charcoal grey bra, black with ivory lace trim panties, sheer control top panty hose and black patent leather Mary Jane's with a 3" heel. Ms. Lilithe had Rhonda show off her outfit, and was very complementary. And yes, Rhonda did lift her skirt to show her panties and panty hose, and her top to show her bra. Ms. Lilithe was pleased that Rhonda's bra appeared to fit well and was appropriately sized. Yay!!!!

Rhonda got that bra not too long ago on line from Full Beauty. There is a link to Full Beauty posted on the right hand side of the blog along with a link to The Divine Ms. Lilithe Magdalene.

Fall is in the air, warm days and cool nights, leaves are turning, summer garden is almost through producing and there is less daylight. It's time to begin to pull back some, rest and reflect, slow down and deepen our connections. It is no coincidence I think, that Rhonda is more drawn to spiritual retreats in the fall and winter as it is a time of going deeper. As the weather gets colder Rhonda can conceal feminine underthings as layers under men's clothing, and hey lipstick is lipstick whether it's Chapstick or Revlon Rich Girl Red!!!! ;-)

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