Monday, October 7, 2013

Big Town

Yep, Rhonda was down in the Big Town yesterday and had a chance to do a little shopping, so hit the mall. Walked into Lane Bryant like a boss! Got a very nice smile from the young sales associate when she asked if I was looking for something for my wife and I told her no, I was just browsing...

They have the most yummy dark red pumps on sale, just like I've been looking for, and in my size!!!! No, I didn't get them; yes, I should have, but I may be able to sneak back down this week.

Went to Nordy's (Nordsrtom's , I know, I rolled my eyes too the first time I heard it) and bought some nice panty hose, some Calvin Kleins sheer taupe and nude. Spendy, but ermygawd do they feel gooooooooooooooooooood!!!!! Well worth it!!! It is good to splurge on one's self every now and then, don't you think???

Funny how GGs can't wait to get home to take off their bra and Rhonda can't wait to get home to put hers on. Go figure.....

A Facebook friend posted this pic:

so Rhonda figures she must put on a bra in order to take it off in solidarity belle n'est-ce pas???

Play date tomorrow on Skype with a Mistress new to Rhonda, I'm trying to plan my wardrobe, not as easy as it may seem...


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