Wednesday, September 11, 2013


...because I have to take off my oh so cute NEW royal blue bra to go to town. I know, I know, GGs can't wait to get home to take theirs off; but they get to wear bras everyday and I don't. Hmmph.

Annnnnnnnnnnndh, here I flounced around alllllllllllllllll morning in just bra and panties, sure that if I did the power company would show up, but noooooooooooooo...

I did get to wear bra and panties today tho, so it's not a total loss. Oh, you noticed the part about a new bra did you? It's a front hook (yay) royal blue with flowers and lace decorations. It's very comfortable and too cute!!! And yes, I'll post some pics when I can. I ordered it and two others online from Size 44D silly, Rhonda's a big girl and Full Beauty caters to larger sizes.

There, I feel much better, thanks for listening.


p.s. Phone Mistress suggests that I have turned into a bra whore...

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