Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rhonda, oh Rhonda dear...

...what ever are you doing?
I'm cleaning the shower as you directed mistress
I can see that. What is that you are wearing?
Only my bra and panties as you directed Mistress.
I can see you're wearing a bra and panties Rhonda, however you are wearing that granny bra that's too big for you and those pink cotton panties with the rip in the leg. I've told you and told you to get rid of those things.  Where is the bra I laid out for you?
That bras to tight Mistress and the underwires dig into me.
It's supposed to be that way, Rhonda, that's to remind you that you're a girl while serving me.
Yes Mistress, but I just wanted to be comfortable while I was cleaning up for you.
Oh, you want to be comfortable huh? Turn around.
But Mistress....
I said,  turn around.
Yes Mistress.
How about if I pulled the back of these panties up the crack of your ass? (Yank)
There, that looks like you're wearing a thong. How's that feel? Comfortable now? Here, get in that shower. There, now you're all wet with your panties bunched up the crack of your ass.  Are you comfortable now?
No mistress. Please mistress, please.....
Please what? Bend over. I said bend over, Rhonda, I'm not telling you again.
Yes mistress. Like this?
Yest Rhonda, that's a good girl.  Now brace your hands against the shower wall. Just like that, that's my good girl.
Are you going to paddle me Mistress? You know how much the paddle hurts when I'm wet from the shower.
Don't worry about what I'm going to do Rhonda,  you'll find out soon enough....

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