Monday, August 5, 2013

Mini Storage and the Crossdresser

Well, I have spoken about my mini storage, or at least mentioned it, in previous posts. I got the idea from a crossdresser forum, mebbe on Fet Life, but I'm not sure... Anyway, it has been a life saver!!! Not to mention a clothing and $$$$ saver ;-).

It occurred to me that some of you might be curious about the nuts and bolts of getting and maintaining a discrete off site storage area for your clothes. I will confess, purely for the purpose of full disclosure, that my wife and I have totally separate financial accounts. Separate checking, savings and credit card accounts. This makes having an off site storage much easier for me than perhaps it would be if we had combined accounts.
My storage unit is located in a separate facility, run by a different company that of our family storage unit, and is in my name only. I am fanatical about paying the bill on time so there will be no phone calls or letters about the account. Discretion is the better part of valor here. My unit is located inside the building. No accidental drive by looks when I'm there and keeps the rain and occasional snow out.

Originally I kept my things in duffel bags and luggage pieces, however, as I gained a larger wardrobe that became difficult to maintain and caused wrinkles in my clothes.  So the first thing I did was to buy a wardrobe moving box. Most mini storage places and all moving places have them. It's a cardboard box tall enough to put things on hangers in. They are a few $$ but worth it! So now I have a 'closet' to  hang tops, skirts and dresses. Now I could use a chest of drawers for the bras, panties, hose, garter belts, you get the idea. The search was on!

Armed with the storage unit inside dimensions, (very important) and a small tape measure, (also very important) I began to check out the used furniture and thrift stores and yard sales in the area. Since I wasn't in any big hurry, I could afford to look at a lot of stuff before I found what I wanted. I finally spotted the perfect piece in front of a local thrift store. It was well worn and somewhat ratty in appearance but had all the drawers, and they worked!!! It was cheap so I bought it on the spot and installed it in my storage unit. It is nice to have my things hung up properly or living in drawers rather than duffel bags. It is easier to select the thing I wish to take on my adventures and minimizes the sorting and re-packing I went through before.

Hope this helps.

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