Wednesday, August 21, 2013

At the hospital

In pre op. Let the waiting begin....
 Play Jeopardy tune here.

Update: Squamous cell carcinoma, 6 more hours of surgery to take out the lymph nodes on that side.
More waiting...

Last update for today: 
He's out of surgery at 11:30 pm Wed and off to ICU. They took lots of yucky stuff out. Kept the nerve to the shoulder, had to take out a facial nerve so he may have Sylvester Stallone lip. Won't know about that until he wakes up. Scraped off tumor from around the carotid and jugular, took out a butt load of lymph nodes.
They're keeping him out and intubated tonight so he can get some rest. Likely to start chemo and radiation in about 3 weeks, after he has a chance to heal up some.
He'll be in the hospital 2-4 days depending on how well he recovers.
Long day for all of us. Going to bed now.

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