Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Well, Rhonda has hurt someone's feelings. And it sucks. it really does. Rhonda has misstepped or misunderstood a relationship. Well, what's it all about Alfie?

Rhonda was looking at things from the point of view that, there are different relationships that fulfill different things. For instance, she would not go see a dermatologist for a broken leg, or call an electrician to fix a leaky pipe.  The other person involved sees things quite differently. And therefore  has hurt feelings. Whether Rhonda meant this to happen or not, this person is genuinely hurt and the relationship is damaged. Can we recover? Perhaps not, but if so, it will take quite some time.

I suppose that this is the point where  Rhonda, or other folks would go into a long diatribe attempting to justify her actions and make the other person at fault. I guess  too, that this is a point where some folks would take to various social media in an attempt to trash the other person. Well, that's not about to happen. This person has been hurt  through Rhonda's actions, or lack of action, and Rhonda's misunderstanding  of the nature of the relationship. What we have here, (to quote Cool Hand Luke) is failure to communicate.

Our Rhonda is  truly sorry that this happened and truly regrets hurting the other person..

I don't know if this could ever be put right. If not, it's truly Rhonda's  loss.

So, that's all folks. Be good to each other, we are all we have.


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