Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where the hell...

...has Rhonda been the last two months? Well, it has been  a busy time for our girl. There really wasn't much going on the last half of March, I know, I know, I said it's been a busy time and then said well it really wasn't all that busy. Hey, us girls do have a right to change our mind! A anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, now I remember, April was really pretty busy for dear Rhonda. It just seemed that with the local organizations Rhonda's involved with and a couple of local political races the entire month  of April was just meetings, meetings, meetings!

And I to make matters worse, there just wasn't any out of town time for Rhonda to just get girly....*Big sigh* oh well, what's a girl to do? Rhonda was able to sneak in a couple of at home dress-up days, yay, and did get a chance to wear some nice panties and pantyhose  to a couple of the meetings. I mean, after all, the girl can't just go to an important meeting without her pantyhose now can she?

Rhonda's dear mother-in-law passed away suddenly about a week and half ago.  So, there's been a lot of things to take care of which means a lot of people in and out of the house so Rhonda has really had no chance to dress up the last  couple weeks. The memorial service is going to be at the end of next week so Rhonda's been busy mowing the lawn, doing the weed eating and other things to get the house in shape since there will be relatives visiting from out of town.

We did go do some camping, had a birthday party to attend, and had some company prior to that, so, today is the first day Ron this had really any  alone time to  catch up with this blog. I realize that this is a little disjointed, but I do have a lot that I want to put in today, and I do thank you all who've been checking in faithfully and not finding any new news.

Yes, silly,  Rhonda is wearing  some oh too cute pink panties  and a sports bra today. A girl has to take advantage of her alone time when she can.  Rhonda will be going  to her storage unit later today to pick up some things so she can wear a real bra and some lipstick tomorrow. Speaking of bras, a boutique lingerie store not too far away from where Rhonda lives had a bra donation  of gently used bras to benefit a battered women's shelter. How could a girl not participate in that? Especially since Rhonda has too many bras  that don't fit. So, I was able to donate some bras that I don't use, and get scheduled for a bra fitting! How cool is that?

Rhonda did receive a request from a dear friend, Dr. Grace Stanton, to post Dr. Graces website on Rhonda's blog. I am happy to do that for Dr. Grace, so please find those links on the blog!

Dr. Grace's info is: Dr. Grace L. Stanton, a kinky phone sex counselor/therapist for the past 20 years.

Her website link is:

and her phone number is: 1–866–461–8470.

Okay,  that's all for now....

p.s. Dr. Grace has a delicious Gallery of CDs for us girls on her blog. If you ask her she'll post yours...

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